Vintage Charm: 1940s Bathroom Design

In celebration of Taymor’s 70th anniversary and with the launch of our commemorative 1948 collection, we want to celebrate the styles and characteristics that defined bathroom design during this period.

The 1940s had a profound effect on life and design. In the first half of the decade, there was a stylistic holdover from the twenties and thirties that would not end until the war did. During the post-war forties, people yearned for family and security after the long strenuous years of sacrifice. There was a baby boom, and single-family homes in the suburbs became the American ideal. Magazines such as House Beautiful, Sunset, and Better Homes and Gardens established themselves as bibles for modern domestic living.

Briggs Plumbing via Mid Century Home Style

Lively, energetic colours symbolized prosperity. Patriotic red, white and blue became a popular colour scheme as an optimistic and grateful nation pulled together to create a brighter future.

American Home Magazine via Mid Century Home Style

Stylistic touches from the Art-Deco-Jazz Age of the twenties and thirties were most prevalent in the first half of the decade. Classic combinations of jewel tones and chrome with inlaid linoleum floors were a popular choice.

Armstrong via Mid Century Home Style

The forties were also a golden age for movies, and Americans sought to re-create the glamour of the silver screen in their own homes. Exuberantly decadent gold tile, draperies, and black linoleum in the bathroom were not uncommon.

Armstrong via Mid Century Home Style

On the other hand, many 1940s interiors exhibited a real sweetness with over-the-top confections like pink and green colours and floral motifs. There was less value in material excess and more focus on celebrating the simple pleasures of life.

Armstrong via Mid Century Home Style

The epitome of 1940s bathroom design: pink, swans, scallops, black linoleum and all.

According to Pam Kueber, of Retro Renovation, here are some key elements of 1940s bathroom design:

  • Linoleum
  • Chenille bath rugs
  • Jewel-toned color palette
  • Glass block
  • Tufted stools and chairs
  • Abstract artwork
  • High contrast bathroom tile
  • Prints and large scale patterns
  • Chintz draperies
  • Ruffled and scalloped edges
  • Built-in furniture
  • Space saving amenities

But not to worry, you don’t require a 1940s bathroom to use our highly stylized 1948 Collection. Its geometric shapes and clean lines are suitable for modern bathrooms of all sizes: from family bathrooms to powder rooms. Check it out.