Income Property: Season 10 Episode Roundup

Building an income suite is the most profitable kind of homeowner renovation, one that creates real value. It can help offset rising mortgage payments and provide you with an emergency cushion. When looking to access more income from your home, you need to pay close attention to every last detail. Look at fundamentals, such as updating your home’s hardware and fixtures. “Remember, these are the elements of your home that you touch and use every day, so they’ve got to perform” says Scott McGillivray, real-estate entrepreneur and the lovable host of HGTV's series Income Property.

Whether it's a 100-year-old Victorian home, a multi-apartment property or a fully renovated unit in a hip urban area, Taymor makes it easy to coordinate your interior with easy to install locks and doorware that reflect your taste while 
also corresponding to your home’s architectural style. Read on to see some of our favorite looks from Season 10 and see how small upgrades, such as your interior locksets, can make a big impact.

Our Equinox lever was included on multiple Income Property episodes. In terms of hardware, Equinox is the perfect finishing touch for your interior doors. It’s aesthetically clean, tailored to suit a variety of decor styles and ­it’s surprisingly affordable. We especially like how Equinox is shown below in two contrasting basement suites.

Liza, Mary & Stella; Episode 7: Equinox lever, Satin Nickel

Jen & Paul; Episode 9: Equinox lever, Polished Chrome


Minimalist and impressive, our Millenium lever was the ideal hardware choice for this basement suite that captured the essence of understated elegance. Millenium can be used with essentially any standard sized door and can be installed in a right or left-handed configuration based on your specific preferences — as shown on these double closet doors below.

Michael & Kristine; Episode 21: Millennium lever, Satin Nickel


At this stylish lakeside retreat, the Income Property designers chose to mix Taymor door hardware styles in our bold Matte Black finish. Distinguished by minimal embellishment, concealed screws and clean lines, the Bergen lever ensures a sleek contemporary installation. Similarly, our Barcelona knob was chosen for its harmonizing style.



Roz & Katherine; Episode 13: Bergen lever (left), Barcelona knob (right), Matte Black


The geometric forms, organic shapes, mix of textures and bright pops of color in this lakeside retreat were thoughtfully chosen to help connect the homeowners with their natural landscape. The size and cylindrical shape of our Barcelona knob is highlighted in our Matte Black finish and prominently featured on these traditional hinged swinging closet doors ­below.

Roz & Katherine; Episode 13: Barcelona knob, Matte Black


Practical comfort is found in this modern basement suite that features one of our most popular Premier door levers, the Vega. Distinguished by strong clean lines, Vega explores the pure linear appeal of architecture in a striking and alluring design. This door lever has a contemporary style that is beautifully conveyed through our richly plated Satin Nickel finish that corresponds with the rest of the home’s interior.


Kim & Tracy; Episode 23: Vega lever, Satin Nickel


Modern and bright, the simplicity of a neutral canvas lends elegance to this versatile interior, which features a daybed instead of a sofa. Our stylish Wells lever makes for a fantastic addition to any door. Its tapered structure features a distinctive pyramid detail on its tip, giving gorgeous aesthetic appeal. Here, our Satin Nickel finish emphasizes quality on well-dressed doors.

Pat, Kelly & Nancy; Episode 12: Wells lever, Satin Nickel


Gallery-white walls, an open living plan and artful accents make this couple’s income suite look fresh. Our classic Capri knob in Matte Black bridges the gap between traditional and modern, like this home. The passage and privacy functionalities are ideal for interior doors where privacy—not security—is needed.


Leah & Stew; Episode 10: Capri knob, Matte Black


Warm colors and dark wood accents channel the old-world in this Victorian income suite. Our Villa knob in Antique Brass gives you traditional appeal with vintage charm. Its pleasing simplicity and small round rosette keep Villa looking sleek.




Helene & Renna; Episode 17: Villa knob, Antique Brass


This basement suite has an easygoing attitude accentuated by fun artwork, color blocking and sporty stripes. Our Citadel lever in Satin Chrome gives this room and door a clean, modern feel. Citadel makes for an exquisite addition to any door. It has a contemporary style and simple design that is easy to use by people of all ages.


Rob & Heidi; Episode 11: Citadel lever, Satin Chrome



In this eclectic income suite, our Manchester knob is a simple and unobtrusively pretty doorware solution. Vintage-meets-modern with our Antique Brass finish that seems to play well with timeless pieces, fun accessories, texture and pattern, as shown below.



Andrew; Episode 18: Manchester knob, Antique Nickel

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