• Scott McGillivray with Taymor
    Scott McGillivray
    Taymor Partners with HGTV superstar Scott McGillivray

    Taymor is pleased to announce a partnership with one of North America’s most loved HGTV superstars; Scott McGillivray. The host of HGTV’s award-winning Income Property will be teaming up with Taymor to promote their lines of doorware including locks and hardware.

  • What's New at Taymor

    New products, new brands, and new catalogues! Check out our 2014 catalogue collection, including the all new Commercial catalogue!

  • Welcome to Taymor

    Welcome to Taymor!

    Our commitment is to great design and quality manufacturing at outstanding value.

    At Taymor, we know that style is personal. From heritage, to classic, to modern; we design compatible style profiles and matching finishes in all of our product categories — so you can connect with the rest of your home's superior style.

  • Magnetic Attraction

    The force by which one object attracts another.

    Taymor's new Luna faucet with "click-tight" magnetic catch is sure to attract attention in your kitchen, especially when friends find out how little you paid!

Dixon and Stockholm Bathroom
Our new tool allows you to easily furnish your home
Taymor Astral Faucet
Astral Faucet with Black Accent
Whether you prefer a classic faucet or a pull-out spout, you can add a splash of black against classic polished chrome for a trendy (and affordable) upgrade to your kitchen.